Tripy joins Queens’ Cavalcade

Tripy II GPS
The pleasure of being on the road.
Tripy is the world’s leading provider of satellite location systems design, with thousands of satisfied users and a maniacal attention to product quality! Tripy wants to be the ideal companion for memorable travels, and it will surely be one for us too!
Tripy II GPS is the system chosen to guide and monitor Queens’ Cavalcade 2017 participants. It is a system designed for every road, robust, waterproof, easy to use and smart! Take a look at it with its panoramic screen: the ideal travel companion that combines high performance with the pleasure of driving.
The Tripy will allow participants to follow the route in an easy and safe way without losing a detail of the beauty of the streets and landscapes, but also to identify all the planned controls along the way, which will characterize the Italian adventure of Queens’ Cavalcade 2017. Keep an eye on the calendar, September 19th is around the corner!