Queens’ Trophy

Five thousand six hundred grams of pure bronze give life to a statuette, forty-five metres high, coming from the hands of Alfredo Sasso, a very appreciated sculptor in Europe and the United States, where he lived and taught for several years. (www.alfredosasso.com)
This is the QUEENS’ TROPHY, the prestigious award that will be given to the winner of the each year’s Cavalcade.
In the author’s intention the trophy represents the dual personality of the rider, sporty but elegant, able to enjoy the emotions conveyed by the vehicle, but equally sensitive and conscious to evaluate how important it is to keep a correct and gallant behaviour in all circumstances. There are many ways to live the thrilling relationship that each one of us has with his beloved motorcycle. Queens’ Cavalcade, wants to honour the little self inside us. That interior voice we commonly call conscience, ensures that the term human-machine will never dissociate from the figure of the gentleman driver.
We hope that this precious work will finish in the hands of who will always honour this condition.