Queens’ Cavalcade 2017 is over

Conclusa la Queens' Cavalcade 2017917 km, 18 hourly controls, 10 pass controls, and 172 km of specials during which, for each participant, 63 timing surveys were performed to find a new Queens’ Cavalcade 2017 champion weren’t enough. For the second consecutive year the winner is Stefano Sala. When in the evening of September 19th, during the welcome dinner, Sala returned to the patron Daniele Papi the trophy, because, as the regulation wants, was again put on the stake, he said: “keep it for a few days, next Saturday I will recollect it”. Well he kept his word. The Trophy is still in his hands until the next edition. Without winning any stage, but aiming for “regularity”, he headed for the middle of the race managing and protecting the position with great authority. Chapeau Stefano!