TIME for Queens’ Cavalcade

Umberto Panzeri, has two great passions: watchmaking and motorbikes. For over 10 years, the incursors of the Italian Navy, as well as the Civil Protection Fire Brigade, have been wearing a mmt500 on their wrists during their missions; a watch with exceptional features, designed by Panzeri, which now combines his two passions, giving birth to a new watch dedicated to Queens’ Cavalcade. This is a titanium chronometer with a diameter of 40mm, waterproof up to 10 atmospheres, anti-glare glass, rubber anti-slip strap, speedometer. Guaranteed 24 months. Umberto will use it at the next Queens’ Cavalcade Italia 2017, which he will take part in with a Kawasaki 1100GPZ in 1982.

Anyone can buy this stopwatch by contacting:

Umberto Panzeri
Via Fratti 118 – 55049 Viareggio
Tel. 0584 49606

price € 335
price reserved to Queens Club members € 295