Queens’ Cavalcade is an international event that gathers participants from many countries. It is an event inspired by the races of “classical regularity” divided into daily stages with transit controls and time measurements that determine the regularity of the participants’ conduct. Fun moments, nothing unmanageable for men and machines, but to prioritise the spirit of aggregation and sharing of the event, all participants will be in a condition to compete to conquer the Queens’ Trophy. It does not matter if they ride an older and less performing queen that those of the present; no matter if they will use sophisticated devices or romantic mechanical chronometers.

Participation is restricted to a maximum of 100 vehicles, divided into two groups:

A- motorcycles registered until 2000.
B- single and twin-cylinder motorcycles registered since 2001.

At discretion of the Technical Committee nominated by the organization, there will be allowed vehicles that do not belong to any of the categories above, but which have historic value as to gain the admission.

Vehicles with the conductor only or, even, with crew consisting of driver and passenger are allowed.

The organization is directed by Cromatica, a multi-national sports structure, constituted by collecting enthusiasts who for various reasons have long experience in the world of international motor sport.

All participants access to:

  • Mechanical assistance along the way.
  • Transport of the vehicles with breakdown at the end of the stage.
  • Medical assistance along the way.
  • Parks at the arrival and departure locations.
  • Baggage transport service
  • All overnight stays in 4/5 stars hotels
  • All the dinners
  • All the light lunches
  • Evening of awards with gala dinner.