Queens’ Cavalcade signed parnership agreement with ULTRA FOG

Queens’ Cavalcade 2017 announces a prestigious partnership. In fact, in the past few days, an agreement has been signed with the multinational ULTRA FOG.

“Ultra Fog, with its product,” said Iacopo Cassiano, CEO of the company, “represents the excellence in the fire extinguishing industry.

“In Queens’ Cavalcade, we found the same determination to offer the best and we felt like it is the best way to deliver our brand to a well-prepared and responsive audience.”

Ultra Fog is a Swedish-born company that has been fighting fires for over fifteen years through a patented system that only uses high-pressure water. Its implants ensure quick fire shut down without any collateral damages.

The world’s leading navigation companies rely on Ultra Fog that, over time, has become a market leader; the security of their passengers and transported materials, as well as large oil companies resort to Ultra Fog to protect mining and refinery platforms. Ultra Fog protects airports, hospitals, factories, large hotels, museums and generally great architectural works around the world.