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Queens’ Cavalcade 2017 – Italy


2017-04-28 09:03 After the success and the great emotions of the first edition which was held in the beautiful settings of the Canary Islands, for this seasonItaly was chosen as a route full of beauty, history, good food and excellent company. With the patronage of the International Motorcycling Federation, Italian and ENIT Queens’ Cavalcade, in fact, aims to provide its participants with the highest quality and excellence, both in terms of the organization and hospitality. In this case an absolutely relevant path was chosen, in some of the most beautiful Italian regions: Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, both through mountain road and cities of art: magical places of indescribable beauty. Queens’ Cavalcade will take place from the 19th to the 24th of September, starting from Versilia and touching Pisa, Lucca, the marble quarries of the Apuan Alps, the Tuscan-Romagnolo appennine, the Mugello Valley with a special stop at the famous racetrack, Florence, Monteriggioni, Siena, Montepulciano, Perugia, Orvieto and finally the eternal city: Rome!

After more than 800 kilometers, under the stars of the “Eternal City”, a great party will salute everyone’s commitment and participation in QUEENS ‘CAVALCADE ITALY 2017, sealing an experience lived as protagonists, savoring magnificent sensations.The beauty of these landscapes, and the touristic spirit of this event of an international character, perfectly represent the idea of passion for the world of motorbiking, a passion to live and enjoy kilometer after kilometer. Queens’ Cavalcade is reserved for all those motorbikes that have made the history of said sport and those who are writing its future! The participation is permitted to a maximum of 100 motorcycles, to maintain such a level of friendliness and spirit of aggregation among all participants who can travel alone or in pairs. Motorcycles are divided into two types: group A – motorcycles built before 1987 and group B – mono and twin-cylinder motorcycles built after 1988. Competitiveness is guaranteed by a scoring system that, in order to result equal, rewards the most ‘elderly bike’, so as to ensure a fair participation on equal performance on different vehicles! The entry fee includes overnight stays (in superior 4-star or 5-star), lunches and gourmet dinners, luggage transport, mechanical and medical assistance along the way, guarded parking lots, and the eventual recovery of the vehicle. Participants will have access to a service that will allow monitoring and contacting each member at the event, which provides all the tourist information, the provisions and schedules for each stage, the road book, interactive maps of the routes, communications and real-time updates of the charts on their smartphones. The event will take place on roads open to traffic with planned average speeds of less than 50 km / h at all times, every day there will be an updated ranking, and at the end of the event the winner winner will be elected and will receive the Queens’ Trophy, designed by the sculptor Alfredo Sasso. Maximum 100 motorcycles divided into two groups: group A – motorcycles built before 1987 and group B – mono and twin-cylinder motorcycles built after 1988 After more than 800 kilometers, under the stars of the “Eternal City”, a great party will salute everyone’s commitment and participation in QUEENS ‘CAVALCADE ITALY 2017, sealing an experience lived as protagonists, savoring magnificent sensations. Big steps towards the new adventure! The program of the new Queens’ Cavalcade 2017 is taking shape, it is to be held in Italy next September from the 19th to the 24th and, as each spring, many confirmations flourish after last year’s major success Acerbis through the prestigious clothing brand Ottano confirms the partnership with our event. Ottano is a new line of high-end clothing, wanted by Acerbis and dedicated to the crossover, café racer and scrambler, it is characterized by a minute attention to details and the use of original techniques and high quality materials. Since always Acerbis is careful to dress riders with specific protections for different off-road disciplines and driving; the new brand comes close to a more trendy style, adapting to new driving styles of café racers, of scramblers but also of crossovers, according an attentive perspective to aesthetics, to get the perfect fit without neglecting protection. The same word Ottano immediately recalls the world of motorsport, and internationalism of this passion: ‘Ottano’ is a common word in many languages. Just like our Queens’ Cavalcade which seeks to unite style and international passion for motors, beyond the territorial and linguistic boundaries. And speaking of territory and routes, now revealed in detail, is confirmed the recognition of Queens Cavalcade by ENIT, Italian Government Tourist Board and sponsored by the Municipality of Montepulciano, which will host for one of our stages. In fact in Montepulciano we’ll get up to the famous Piazza Grande, a square that, beyond its architectural beauty given by historical buildings designed by the leading architects of the Renaissance, has a huge stage that rises just above the level of the square itself, where the audience is: the stage is the church and the bottom is the rough facade of the Cathedral itself. And how not to stop at this gem at least for lunch time, experiencing the imposing fortress that after various levels of restoration today has been set to the seat of the University of Kennesaw Yowa and the operational offices of Consorzio del Vino Nobile. And speaking of wine, it is impossible to pass from Montepulciano and not visit the Monumental Cellars that represent the subsoil of the city itself, under the decking of squares, streets, alleys; on the soles of Renaissance palaces, beneath the monuments! From Piazza Grande starts a network of monumental structures that haìve even been movie sets for their extraordinary beauty. A stop in Montepulciano to celebrate the beautiful and the good of a prestigious product like wine and the territory and the town that produces it.

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